‘From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis’ selects Chief Designer

From a Global media release:

Canada’s most popular design personality chooses Dvira Ovadia to launch Debbie Travis Condos and Homes

Dvira2 smAfter weeks of tears, tantrums and tremendous talent, the winning protégé is revealed and rewarded with the coveted position as Debbie Travis’ Chief Designer.

Thursday night on Global Television’s ‘FROM THE GROUND UP’, Debbie Travis, Canada’s most popular design star, selected Toronto’s Dvira Ovadia to be her Chief Designer.

Ovadia, a 26-year-old interior architect with an Architectural degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Interior Design from the renowned Pratt Institute in New York, combined her top-notch designs, abounding enthusiasm and continual professionalism to outshine the competition on a weekly basis.

“Dvira began her journey on ‘FROM THE GROUND UP’ as a quiet designer, a wallflower, but bit by bit she opened up to show her savvy design talent. As each task challenged her to be her very best, the person that I would love to work with emerged. Dvira will make a superb Chief Designer for the Debbie Travis brand,” said Travis.

In season two of ‘FROM THE GROUND UP WITH DEBBIE TRAVIS,’ Travis brought together 14 talented protégés from across Canada, each trying to land the job of a lifetime. Pushed to their limit, this time it was all about talent and working – from the ground up.