In the news: Canadian Idol down to six

From Sun Media:

  • ‘Canadian Idol’ down to six
    They all came out rockin’ – but Greg Neufeld was sent walkin’. Problem is, there’s no way the adorable 23-year-old Abbotsford house framer deserved to get booted off Canadian Idol Tuesday night. His take on Queen’s We Are the Champions was killer – along with just about everything else he’s done since he stepped onto the show in June.

From andPOP:

  • Canadian Idol Report: And Then There Were Six
    This week’s Canadian Idol results show kicked off with the audience filled with “We Will Rock You” glowsticks, while clips of Brian May and Roger Taylor’s appearance at last week’s performance of “We Will Rock You” filled the first ten minutes.

From Chart Attack:

  • Canadian Idol Update: We Will Mock You
    According to Ben Mulroney, BBC radio named Queen the Greatest British Band Of All Time earlier this year. What what what? Is the entire country high? Queen are great and everything, but name five Queen songs right now! OK, now name five songs by the Beatles and/or The Rolling Stones. Much easier, right? And way better songs overall.

One thought on “In the news: Canadian Idol down to six”

  1. There is no way Greg should have been kicked off! From the beginning he showed the most talent and stage presents of them all,even though there is close follwing . I am really sorry! Maybe Canadian idol should look at a different judging system such as after the top ten have been chosen the judges have the final say .Maybe use a sing off of the bottom three or save the one they feel has the most potential or something along those lines. any way when Greg puts out his albumI will deffinately buy it .

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