World of Wonders debuts in September

From a media release:


On Wednesday, September 5th at 6:00 p.m., TVOKids premieres A WORLD OF WONDERS (WOW), an adventure series that kids and their families will enjoy watching together. Shot in HD over a seven-month period, A World of Wonders takes viewers to four continents and seven countries, racking up an impressive 85,731kms in its inaugural season. In this 26-episode series, host Paula Lemyre heads to such far-flung locations as Tanzania, where she spends time with the waHadzabe tribe and learns to speak their “click” language. She also takes a dip in the Dead Sea, stops by the Jordanian desert to have tea with a Bedouin family, and jets off to Paris, where she greases the mighty Eiffel Tower’s huge pistons with French fry fat and gets a close up view of the Mona Lisa at The Louvre. And in China, Paula not only climbs the Great Wall, but slides down it on a sled! WOW will also debut on The Knowledge Network on Tuesday, September 4th at 6:37 p.m. and Saskatchewan’s SCN on Wednesday, September 26th at 5:00 p.m.

“The idea for A World of Wonders came to me when I was in Petra on assignment for CBC Radio and TVO’s Studio 2; I wanted to create a fast-paced children’s documentary series that would incorporate social studies, geography and natural history. We worked with TVOKids to develop a series that wasn’t just a travel log, but would allow kids to become citizens of the world and travel to distant, fascinating destinations. And when you arrive in these places, the first thing you say is, “WOW!” So the acronym works well,” says Donna Leon, Executive Producer, Genuine Pictures.

Under the tutelage of Vasanth Saranga, a young Webmaster based in Canada, Paula receives clues that lead her on the ultimate learning odyssey. Produced by Ottawa’s Genuine Pictures in association with TVOkids, A World of Wonders is geared to kids 6-12 years old. From Petra to the Pyramids of Egypt, from Tanzania’s Serengeti to Mexico’s Chichen Itza, our intrepid host travels from continent to continent in search of the WOW factor, and she finds it at every turn. Along the way, she’s intrigued by our differences and delighted by the things that connect us all.