In the news: Blood Ties premieres this week

From the Waterloo Record:

  • Tube Talk
    “A 450-year-old vampire who is also the bastard son of Henry VIII is one of several unusual characters on the Canadian supernatural series Blood Ties, debuting in Canada. Christina Cox plays private investigator Vicki Nelson who gets caught up in bizarre murder cases involving supernatural forces. Oh, and that vampire? He’s a fellow crime fighter and her love interest.” Read more.

From iF Magazine:

  • Gina Holden is no Damsel in Distress on Flash Gordon
    “I think we were shooting and I was possessed by a demon [on BLOOD TIES], so I went in to read for [FLASH GORDON]. I only had a couple hours sleep and I didn’t even have the script yet. The only time I could go in, I had a whole different vibe going on, that dark Goth, demon vibe which is obviously quite different than Dale. It was really funny. It turned out for the best, and if you’re right for the part, you’re right for the part, so it all worked out.” Read more.