In the news: Canadian Idol this week

From the National Post:

  • Canadian Idol recap: Top 5 results
    “Hamilton’s Brian Melo gets the biggest shrieks when the five finalists — himself, Jaydee Bixby (Drumheller, Alta.), Dwight d’Eon (West Pubnico, N.S.), Carly Rae Jepsen (Mission, B.C.) and Matt Rapley (Regina) — open the show with Eric Clapton’s Change the World.” Read more.
  • Canadian Idol: Dissenting opinion
    “Rob, you are wrong! This is what you get when you send a TV critic to review a music show.” Read more.

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3 thoughts on “In the news: Canadian Idol this week”

  1. Come on Canada Matt is the best singer on this lame show. I think having Canada voting on the winner is a joke because people are dumb and do not vote for the quality of the voice or strength of a persons voice. No wonder this show is NOT the top number one show in Canada.

  2. I think Carley Rae was the person who should of been elimited not Matt. He did a great job. Carley Rae did not sing well at all singng her Grade one song. Matt will definitely go places with all his talent.I think since the elimitation of Greg Canadian Idol has been very damaging with vigious comments including such great pressure that has been placed on Matt & JayDee. These two contestants rised up above all putting out great performances. It seems to me that Zak is so negative publicly he has shown such unsportsmanship constantly stating Brian & Carly are his top 2 well I know Canada does not agree with him. Every competior entered this competion knowing each week someone would be voted off.
    Matt & Tara have also been the only two competiors so far who has been voted off Canadian Idol that has aappeared to shown such great sportsmanship and sang there last songs with so much appreticationfor what they have received from Canadian Idol. This is what I also consider important for representatives of Canada.It is time some of these judges stop saying who they think 2007 Idol will be and let each contestant perform without such greaat pressure on them. Or peraphs maybe it will one day be the last Canadian Idol like Miss Canada had 17 years ago. Grow up judges do your job unbais for all contestants showing no favoritism for any of the competiors. This 2007 competion can be won by 4 different competiors whom are still there. I think Canada should get the chance to vote on the judges. Good luck to all contestants left.
    Yours Truly

  3. I just don’t understand what Canadians are voting for..? obviously the votes are being called in by people with no idea of what talent really is. Yes, Carly Rae is ‘cute’, but come on folks!!!! SHE CAN’T SING !!!!! She’s constantly out of breath form running all over the stage, has no quality in her voice, or rythym. Stomping back and forth on the stage while yelling out the words to a song is not a talent,,,,,,what’s wrong with you judges? I’m disappointed in this whole charade of what we are calling IDOL….and embarassed to even be a part of such a shameful dislplay of so called ‘talent’. Greg & Tara should both still be there….shame on you judges, and the rest of you people across the country who think that by sitting on your phone all night and re-dialing can make a ‘star’ out of somebody….rediculous !! this is not a true judge of talent, and should be controlled in some way…..oh well…Greg and Tara have huge music careers ahead of them, let’s see where Carly Rae is…..

    Get a grip Canada, start voting for talent, not eyelashes

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