The Adrenaline Project Rushes into the US

From a media release:

New Canadian show set to air on FOX Saturday mornings this fall

marblemedia is pleased to announce that The Adrenaline Project, their new Canadian television series produced in association with YTV, has been picked up by 4Kids Entertainment Inc. Created by the independent producers, all 13 episodes of the live-action series will air on the 4Kids TV block on FOX Saturday mornings in the US starting September 29, 2007, the same date as the exclusive Canadian broadcast premiere on YTV.

In addition, 4Kids Entertainment has also licensed exclusive content from the website The site,, will include expanded video footage, streamed episodes and featured music from the soundtrack once the show has launched.

“The Adrenaline Project is filled with all kinds of action that will really appeal to teens. It has all the elements they love in an action-based reality show: excitement, incredible challenges and tough competition,” said Rita Carbone Fleury who handles sales for marblemedia. “It’s an excellent fit for the audience 4Kids has built and we’re thrilled to be their first unscripted live-action reality series.”

“The Adrenaline Project is a great addition to the 4Kids TV line-up,” said Norman Grossfeld, President of 4Kids Productions. “We are hopeful that the series will motivate and inspire teen viewers to learn the importance of well-being as they watch the competitors face a variety of physical and mental challenges. The show’s emphasis on physical fitness, teamwork, and friendly competition, packaged in an exciting, fast-paced format, has all the makings of a ratings winner.”

Hosted by Richard Cazeau, The Adrenaline Project drops five thrill-seeking teens at Base Camp each week to train for a chance to experience an ultimate rush. They’ll compete head-to-head for victory in the unknown final event where they may be asked to do anything from zipline, scuba dive, white water kayak or even bungee jump. The contestants experience a gamut of emotions as they struggle to grab the glory and emerge as The Ultimate Adrenalite.


24 thoughts on “The Adrenaline Project Rushes into the US”

  1. Heyy I participated in the show and it was sooooo sweet!!!! I mean I literally did things I never imagined I would!!

  2. how do you get on the show? ive been watching it for a while, and some of these people arent very good!

  3. Hey um I auditioned to be on the show in Toronto. They went to all the high schools around the area. I am from Windsor so it was in the paper.

  4. this show looks amazing! i would love an opportunity to get on it! do you think its open to kids in the U.S. too?

  5. So you dont think theres anyway a Georgia girl could be on the show? I’ve watched it a couple times and i think i could kill some of those people in a competition

  6. no.. i really dont think the show is open to US citizens… Wait till you see my episode.. you’ll be shaking in your boots! Ha!

  7. I’d also like to know how to get on the show, and also how old someone needs to be, because my sister would like to be on the show but shes only 13.

  8. Um, there are auditions in Toronto, but you can also contact marblemedia and get all of the information form them….

  9. hey im callie and im 12 when im 13 i want to sign up for the adrenaline project and i want to try your contest to go to florida

  10. Man i really wont to be on this show with my friend this summer do you guys know when the aditions start up agen i think i wud be good for the show i’m 14 and 6’3 and i figure skate.

  11. hey im Matt im captain of the foot ball team and only 14 I can bench press 210 pounds I also play basket-ball, I am 5,10 I need to know how to get on the show if u can help me I would apreasheat the help.

  12. I am in Canada, and i want to go on the adrenaline project, i was wondering if anyone knows how. Because i went on their website and i checked every ingle site and i really don’t know how to join. Can someone please reply and tell me. Thanks so much ♥ :D:D:D:D

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