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AnnaFood Network Canada, together with Peace Point Entertainment Group proudly announced today the production of the new TV series, Fresh with Anna Olson, to premiere on Food Network Canada beginning in early 2008.

Les Tomlin, CEO of Peace Point Entertainment Group is pleased that Food Network came to him to produce a second Food Network series after their debut hit Food Jammers. “Anna is a one of Food Network’s biggest Canadian stars and the focus of this new series brings viewers into Anna Olson’s world. Fresh with Anna Olson has a two season order (26 X 30 minute episodes) that will see production continue until November”, says Tomlin. “Anna has been very generous and opened her turn-of-the-century country home and foodie world in Ontario’s Niagara Region to the production for shooting. It’s a unique chance for fans to get to know their favourite chef on a more personal level,” adds Vallery Hyduk, Head of Development at Peace Point.

Anna Olson’s previous studio-based show Sugar was produced by Alliance Atlantis and ran for five seasons on Food Network and has been sold to almost 60 countries including The United States, India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Romania and Poland. And previous to Sugar, Kitchen Equipped another studio-based show ran for three seasons on the Food Network. The thirty-nine year old Anna Olson is also the owner of The Olson Foods and Bakery in the Niagara Falls region of Canada and author of three cookbooks.

Each episode of Fresh with Anna Olson, takes Anna out of the studio and into the comfort of her Niagara Region country home as she prepares delicious and accessible recipes around a special event and her personal mantra ‘eat fresh, eat local’. She’ll prepare three scrumptious recipes for special local events – all with the same clarity, ease and serenity that has made her a household name.

Discover the bounty and beauty of the Niagara Region as Anna gathers ingredients and becomes inspired by the wealth of fresh produce all around her – it’s the perfect environment to live her mantra “eat fresh, eat local”. Join Anna as she ventures out to meet her local foodie friends – from winemakers to farmers and everything in between. And finally, watch as her delicious dishes are served up for that special event – whether it’s a country wedding, gourmet picnic at a Wine Festival or Anna having a romantic evening with her husband and renowned chef, Michael Olson.


8 thoughts on “In Production: Fresh with Anna Olson”

  1. Congratulations to Anna Olson and the Food Network for the sensational new program FRESH! Wow – if ever there was a winner!!

    The setting are absolutely fresh, enticing, and charming, as is beautiful Anna. She has that easy-going, welcoming way of hers that draws you to her and her lifestyle. Her recipes and ideas reflect the show’s theme very well.

    My friends and I (as well as our husbands and partners) are all abuzz about her new show. Our daily visits to her home and romping around Niagara with her is over far too soon. An hour-long format would let us soak in more of the atmosphere and ambiance.

    It’s so wonderfully FRESH!

    Susan and friends

  2. I was intrigued when I saw the commercials for her show here in Ontario, so I tuned in. As a regular watcher of the “food Network” I had seen her on “Sugar”. She is good looking and obviously accomplished as a chef. So as an at home cook, always learning, I find her new show in the same informative and instructional but friendly format. I can even write down the recipes I like while watching. The recipes are not too complicated and that is good for anyone who has a family that is not interested in eating/cooking in restaurant style. I enjoy the show, and anyone who cooks, should like the fact that they have another show where they can learn new or different way of preparing meals.

  3. Anna used to be so different looking on SUGAR, when she began FRESH I did not recognize her, she appears BOTAXED and not as attractive. Why did she do that to herself.

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  5. I want to welcome Anna Olson back with Fresh with Anna. I love her cooking and her wonderful, pleasant demeanor. I would love to see Anna and Michael doing a dinner together with him very involved with the cooking as well as Anna.

    Looking forward to a year of great entertaining.

  6. Congratulations, Anna!!…I would like to get one of your videos cooking…Please tell me how could I get one of them…

    Thank you..

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  8. anna yo tengo tu FRESH y quiero preparar como to la comida – eres maravillosa – tambien SUGAR es mi prefrida y muchas amigas mias.

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