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From a media release:


Following the first season’s critical acclaim and international success, the second season of INTELLIGENCE is currently in production of 12 new episodes with a winning combination of stories brimming with sex, drugs and espionage.

INTELLIGENCE II begins from the cliffhanger ending of the first season: Jimmy Reardon (IAN TRACEY) trapped in a Seattle restaurant in a DEA led sting; Mary Spalding (KLEA SCOTT) discovering her suspected American CSIS mole dead in his hotel room.

Reardon escapes but not before an American DEA agent is fatally shot. The charges of marijuana smuggling and organized crime activity against Reardon escalate to charges of murder. The FBI wants Reardon found and extradited.

The situation drives Spalding and Reardon closer together as he is forced to trust her as his only powerful ally while she determines if he is guilty or innocent. In this second exciting season their lives continue to run on parallel roller coaster tracks as they face both professional and personal disasters.

Reardon and Spalding must each solidify their positions in a treacherous landscape of ever-shifting loyalties. The scope is global but the stakes are close to home.

From CHRIS HADDOCK, creator of the world wide phenomenon Da Vinci’s Inquest, INTELLIGENCE stars IAN TRACEY (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Iron Road), KLEA SCOTT (Brooklyn South, Millennium), JOHN CASSINI (The Handler, Robson Arms), and MATT FREWER (Max Headroom, Eureka). Joining the recurring supporting cast of CAMILLE SULLIVAN (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Beggars and Choosers ) and EUGENE LIPINSKI (Human Cargo, Octopussy). Joining this season is FREDERIC GILLES (The Barbarian Invasions), LEELA SAVASTA (Battlestar Galactica), and PASCALE HUTTON (The 4400).

INTELLIGENCE returns to CBC Television this Fall on Monday nights beginning October 1st at 9pm for a full-throttle mix of sex, drugs and espionage that blurs the lines between the criminal and the lawful. No one is spared in this explosive second season.

The first season of INTELLIGENCE was heralded as the best drama to emerge in years.The second season promises to top the first with an engaging look into the world of Canadian crime and cover-up.

“The Story lines are of great importance and relevance to Canadians” says show creator Chris Haddock, “Season II of Intelligence is more provocative than ever.”

“The CBC is proud to support another season of the exceptional dramatic series Intelligence” says Sally Catto, Creative Head of CBC TV Drama, “Chris Haddock and his talented team will once again bring to life smart, compelling characters bound by both illegal and personal bonds. The storylines this season will both enthrall and surprise loyal viewers and those who are new to Haddock’s riveting take on Canadian crime and intelligence”.

INTELLIGENCE is a Haddock Entertainment production produced in participation with CBC, Showcase Television, The Canadian Television Fund, the Canadian and British Columbian Production Tax Credit Programs and Thunderbird Films.

INTELLIGENCE is broadcast in over 80 countries, distributed internationally by Thunderbird Films and Program Partners.

The first season of INTELLIGENCE, recently nominated for 11 Gemini Awards, can also be seen Thursday’s at 7PM on Showcase beginning August 30, 2007.

Nominations for the 2007 Gemini Awards include:

Best Dramatic Series: Chris Haddock, Laura Lightbown, Arvi Liimatainen

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series: Chris Haddock

Best Direction in a Dramatic Series: Stephen Surjik

Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Series: Ian Tracey

Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Series: Klea Scott

Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Series: John Cassini

Best Writing in a Dramatic Series: Chris Haddock

Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series: Schaun Tozer

Best Sound in a Dramatic Series: Miguel Nunes, Gina Mueller, Harley Paul, Jeff Shannon, Craig Stauffer

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series: Lara Mazur

Best Achievement in Casting: Lynne Carrow, Melissa Perry


8 thoughts on “Intelligence second season in production”

  1. I’m really excited for the start of Season 2. The last episode of the first season contained probably the biggest cliffhanger of any show on TV last year and I need to find out what happens.

  2. I didn’t realize that Reardon being trapped in the washroom signalled the end of season one and when I went to watch the next episode it didn’t happen. My wife and I were extremely annoyed. Supposedly it starts again on Oct.1st!

    Don’t screw up CBC. With the exception of sports, I have eliminated CBC as a station to watch because of, what I consider to be, absolutely awful programing.

    Somehow we stumbled onto “Intelligence” and I say, this is the best program you have ever aired, so keep it up, possibly you will get a few non-hockey viewers back.

  3. My husband I came across Intelligence, & were hooked. It is absolutely fantastic keep up the good work. We love it & can’t wait til nest season.
    The actors all deserve an award.

  4. Great show, best show on TV in years. Only one more week until season II and I’m so looking forward to it. Go Jimmy Go!

  5. The episode we watched last night – October 15th – appeared to be a sudden “happy ending” with a lot of questions remaining unanswered!! I’m filled with trepidation that, due to the lack of INTELLIGENT viewers in Canada, a decision may have been made to cut the season short.

    Please tell us it aint so!

  6. “Intellegence” was an entertaining and riveting TV series that should be brought back into production. Let’s see if Jimmy Reardon has survived the shooting, and if he can continue on the mean streets of Vancouver. This was a very ‘intellegent’ program and story. It should not have had such a short life! Bring it back.

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