Upcoming series: ‘Da Kink in My Hair, Global, Oct. 14

From a Global media release:

Global Television Presents – ‘Da Kink In My Hair
An All-New 13-Part Original Series

  • Based On The Award Winning Play Embraced By Canadian And International Audiences Alike
  • Premieres Sunday, October 14 – 7:30 Pm ET/PT
  • With Special Appearances & Music By: Jully Black, Keshia Chanté, Jarvis Church, Jelleestone, Farley Flex, Kardinal Offishall

Forget about a girl’s best friend, a woman’s hairdresser is her REAL therapist…Global Television presents ‘da Kink in my Hair, a 13-episode, half-hour comedic drama about the commotion-filled days inside a beauty salon, a place where women let their hair down — in more ways than one.

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Keshia Chanté as Dahlia, Episode 4. Photo credit: Ian Watson.

Based on trey anthony’s highly acclaimed, award-winning play of the same name, audiences nationwide can indulge in a weekly ‘salon experience’ Sundays – 7:30pm ET/PT beginning October 14th.

Set in Letty’s, a bustling hair salon in Toronto’s Caribbean community, ‘da Kink in my Hair tackles the universal themes of life and love while highlighting the fiery and hilarious chatter that can often be overheard. Novelette Campbell (Ordena Stephens-Thompson), the smart and vivacious owner of Letty’s, has all the answers for her clients’ dilemmas but can’t always figure out how to tame the tangles in her own life.

Joined by her zany sister, Joy (trey anthony), her Jamaican born fourteen-year old son, Dre (Conroy Stewart) and her quirky family of stylists, including the wide-eyed new girl, Starr (Ngozi Paul) and the wicked-tongued bad boy, Nigel (Richard Fagon), the only thing Letty’s lacks is a little peace and quiet.

Ordena Stephens-Thompson, trey anthony, Ngozi Paul, Richard Fagon and Conroy Stewart star in this buzz-worthy Canadian original production Рfeaturing guest appearances from notable homegrown talent, including recording artists Jully Black, Keshia Chant̩, Jarvis Church, Jelleestone, Kardinal Offishall and Farley Flex.

Sometimes referred to by critics as “the Oprah of the Canadian theatre scene”, trey anthony is the series creator, executive producer and award-winning playwright of ‘da Kink in my Hair – the recipient of four NAACP Theatre awards. A former television producer for The Women’s Television Network and Canada’s first Urban Women’s Comedy Festival, “‘dat girl sho is funny!”, anthony is also the co-writer of the recent hit “I Am Not A Dinnermint”, a play which debuted to packed houses and critical acclaim in the Summer of 2006. Currently, anthony is working on a new stage play, entitled Black Mothers Don’t Say I Love You, and her first screenplay.


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  1. i really hae to admit that your show is amazing.. i just recently startrted watching it but i hvae to ask what really inspired you to start up a show called da kink in ma hair..???

  2. I love this show. This is the only show on television that I sit and watch with my whole family. Please continue putting out more episodes.

  3. I saw the original theatre play in toronto a few years back. It was filled with monologues and it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen, today was my first time watchin it and i couldnt conclude if the characters on tv were the same from the play? if anyone knows let me know.

  4. I love the show and the play and i am doing a project on the original play for school and i need to find the play … can u help me and tell me where i can find the play perhaps online because bookstores to not stock them!! :| But Thank You Please Let Me Know If You Can???

  5. Ireally and trully missed the show, please come back thats the only blach intertainment show that was of ant intrest to me and my family, It’s a shame that they has taken away such an enjoying show that everybody enjoyed, it remineded me of backhome,so please put it back on.Trey you were my favorite actress. Trey you where on a radio show 2 weeks ago talking about a sponsorship program for people or stident back home in the caribbean who would like to up lift themselves mto come up on a workprogram but i tune in late and i did’nt get aLL the infrormation,i tried everything online. So if anyone could get this message to her i would be happy.Please send me an email dawnennis@yahoo.com

  6. i am doin a project for school on this play as well and i must say that it is probably the best that i have ever read in my life…i finished it in 3hours!!! for me thats a record lol great job Trey**

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