Chris and John to the Rescue wraps production

From a media release:

It’s a wrap: Production on “Chris & John to the Rescue: Provincetown” is complete

n510197753 256791 8238On September 1st, production on the all-new season of “Chris & John to the Rescue: Provincetown” came to an end. Five hilarious and heart-felt rescue missions later, Chris & John departed the beautiful Cape Cod.

Tune in this November to OUTtv for the ALL-NEW ‘Chris & John to the Rescue: Provincetown’, airing Monday nights on OUTtv at 10:00pm EST / 7:00pm PST

‘Chris & John to the Rescue!’ is a fun, adventurous lifestyle series chronicling the latest journeys of best friends Chris & John. In each episode, these pals and self-proclaimed culture aficionados go on a demanding mission to save the gay at a time. This season, to continue that mission, they’re heading to the gayest town on earth:
Provincetown, Massachusetts!

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