In the news: Little Mosque won’t compete with Corner Gas at Geminis

Etan Vlessing of Playback dissects the Gemini comedy nominations:

  • No Dog River vs. Mercy showdown in Regina
    “Here’s the joke: Canada’s breakout comedy hit Little Mosque on the Prairie won’t be competing for the Geminis’ best comedy series award when the trophies are handed out in the show’s home province of Saskatchewan on Sunday, Oct. 28.” Read more.

8 thoughts on “In the news: Little Mosque won’t compete with Corner Gas at Geminis”

  1. there are always weird things at the geminis. I remember in 1996 when I was a regular on the newsroom, we won best ensemble acting in a comedy, best writing in a comedy, and best direction in comedy, and didn’t win best comedy. We had the best writing, acting and direction but somehow put together we didn’t have the best comedy.

    I’m not complaining. It was just very odd. And every year there are these odd things. The Geminis don’t have much impact. I wish that weren’t the case, but that’s the way it is.

    Maybe they should have more awards. 4 nights just whets my appetite.

  2. My day’s just starting, but I’m sure that’s my laugh of the day. It seems to me adding another night celebrating Saskatchewan-based comedies is the least they could do.

    Maybe it was inferior foley that made best comedy out of the Newsroom’s reach despite the acting, writing, and directing?

  3. thanks Diane:
    nice foley call back.
    I’m smarting that I got no laughs for my War joke in Denis’ dad-o-meter post.

  4. That does sound strange …but i find for me as an outsider is seeing Fred and Gabrielle work on 2 different shows and “compete” agaisnt themselves i always found that strange about the Geminis

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