In the news: The Tudors not quite the critical success CBC says it is

Tudors5Kevin Baker of the National Post mocks the CBC marketing campaign for The Tudors:

  • The bloom is off the Tudors’ rose
    “Was the New York Post the most reputable critical organ the CBC could find? Why are they cozying up to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.? Is this the next big media merger we can look forward to?” Read more.

Photo courtesy CBC: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII (The Tudors – episode 2).


5 thoughts on “In the news: The Tudors not quite the critical success CBC says it is”

  1. I really don’t see why this show had to be presented with so many historical inaccuracies. It was an exciting enough period in history without having to jazz it up with murders that didn’t happen, events out of sequence to real history, etc. There should be a disclaimer that events and characters are largely fictionalized. It could have been a great show.

  2. Why do we have to wait until the fall for The Tudors. Isn’t it a CBC presentation? Puzzling to say the least.

  3. I loved it , missed a few episodes so I had to go rent the entire 1st season . watched it all ! I think that the added little things to spruce it up were great everything about it ! Although history was interesting back in that era , I think they did fabulous ! And I also want to say in there deffence that it is a television program not a documentary !!!!! In no way do they lead us to believe that it should be entirely NON fictional! Anyways I would recomend it to anyone Who enjoys the the era of henry , mary and elizabeth . I look forward to the second season , I’m eagerly waiting till it comes on a channel I get or dvd , whatever comes first !

  4. Ummmm! It is not a documentary, it is fictional entertainment! No one that is selling this show is trying to pass it off as historically accurate. Come on people. . . I love this show, it is entertaining and although I am VERY familiar with this historical time period and I ultimately know all of the big outcomes, I still find it interesting to watch and I look forward to the new season.

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