In the news: Intelligence returns better than ever

John Doyle of the Globe and Mail reviews Intelligence, airing tonight at 9 on CBC:

  • Intelligence 7913CBC’s Intelligence takes you on a wild ride
    “Intelligence is a superbly-crafted crime drama, with loads of action and layer upon layer of compelling intrigue. On the evidence of the first two episodes, it’s better than ever – a cranked-up, speedy thriller that grabs you in the first few minutes and takes you on a wild ride.” Read more

Photo courtesy CBC: John Cassini as Ronnie Delmonico with Ian Tracey as Jimmy Reardon in Ronnie’s office at the Chickadee club.


3 thoughts on “In the news: Intelligence returns better than ever”

  1. Holy crap season two rox already and I’m only 15 minutes into it!!

    Alex (the guy the DEA squeezed to set up Jimmy) should come clean and put the DEA guy in a jail cell – either that or Ted has got to do the right thing — ermm the “sort of right thing” (the “right” thing in Ted’s world) and let the FBI know about the DEA’s criminal excess. If Alex does come clean that Reardon might let him live – after all he did save Jimmy’s life by standing up and taking the bullet :-)

    Go Canada!

    Jimmy and Mike 1 DEA -1

    ps: the sad part is the DEA kills innocent people in real life too their agents have no training.

  2. Wow didn’t even know the show was on tonight…glad a friend called at 9:07. CBC could do a better job with promo. I watch the news every night and had not seen a single trailer.

    So I forget who did kill the mole, was it’s Jimmy’s people? But I don’t remember how they found out who the mole was as I am sure the chief didn’t tell him, please remind me

  3. I agree. ‘Intelligence’ is a great show, holding its own with the best British or American dramas. It is indeed a shame that the CBC brass seem to have pretty much washed their hands of this show and have decided to let it wither on the vine. Even FOX in the U.S., is doing an Americanized version. Two million dollars to promote the awful ‘Mosque’ and nary a dime, it seems, for a very good piece of television, of which we could all be proud. Bill

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