Chris & John to the Rescue nominated for Film and TV Music Award

From the Film & TV Music Awards Site:

“Unlike other awards programs where elite committees or
private organizations with restrictive and expensive memberships
control the nomination and voting process, the Film & TV Music Awards
represent the votes of those best qualified to recognize the creative
talents and achievements in film and television music: professionals
in the film and television music industry and those who appreciate
film and television music.

And unlike other awards that are based on the financial earnings or
number of performances of a film or television production, the Film &
TV Music Awards are all about the quality of the music.

The Film & TV Music Awards are truly the ‘voice of the
industry’ when it comes to film and television music awards,
reflecting the views of the film and television music industry at
large rather than any particular industry organization or society.”

Full list of nominees can be seen here:

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