2 thoughts on “In the news: Triple Sensation preview”

  1. Would the CBC please cancel Triple Sensation which appears to be no more than a copy of some other American TV show looking for people who can dance, sing, and act — and chew bubble gum?

    It was only a few years ago that regional TV programming and news was cancelled in Newfoundland and Labrador by the brass at CBC TV, the reason given at that time was that CBC was cutting programming hours to save money.

    Where did the millons of dollars come from to produce Triple Sensation? No offense to the young people trying to get noticed, but how creative is it to copy an American TV show?

    I put Triple Sensation right up there with another CBC dud called the Dragon’s Den, the latter of which is made up mostly of dimwits that come off sounding like spoiled brats — one star out of five for each of these CBC TV shows.

    Is it not time to start thinking about shutting down the CBC and re-building into a public broadcasting TV station where as Canadians we contribute financially to the station. That way much of the programming crap would be weeded out, would it not?

    Gawd it feels good to get that off my chest — thanks for listening.

  2. If Edward Smith had watched Triple Sensation, then perhaps his comments would be noted…although …they ar false. Too bad !

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