Across the River to Motor City reviews

From a Devine Entertainment media release:

ATRDevine Entertainment Corporation, capitalizing on the global distribution of award-winning original film and television content, has announced growing recognition by leading publications regarding the Company’s soon-to-premiere primetime television series, “Across the River to Motor City,” signaling further progress in Devine’s strategy to develop new films and television content to address untapped revenue opportunities in the entertainment marketplace.

Three of Canada’s leading newspapers, “The National Post,” “The Globe and Mail” and “The Toronto Star,” have reported on or reviewed Devine’s upcoming film-noir miniseries, “Across the River to Motor City.” The series, Devine’s first foray into the primetime television marketplace, is scheduled to premiere in November.

Photo credit: Russ Martin. Charlotte Sullivan and David Fox in Across the River to Motor City.

In a strongly positive review, “National Post” television reporter Rob McKenzie placed Devine’s “Across the River to Motor City” in the Top 10 of the season’s new series – making it the only series in the group produced by a Canadian company in a list dominated by major U.S. entertainment companies.

Mr. McKenzie lauded the acting, the complex but engaging story and high quality production elements in “Across the River to Motor City.” “It’s about a killing, or rather several, but Across the River is fun,” he wrote. “The period detail — hair, lingo, clothes, storefronts and interiors — is keenly replicated.”

Writing about “Across the River to Motor City,” “Globe and Mail” television reviewer John Doyle said the series was “perhaps the most ambitious of the new Canadian dramas.” He described the series as “noirish, moody and complex.”

“Across the River to Motor City” was also singled out for notice by “Toronto Star” TV columnist Jim Bawden.

“We’re particularly excited and pleased by these newspaper notices on ‘Across the River to Motor City,’ not just because we think the series is an excellent one, but more importantly because they further validate one of the important elements of our strategy for growth,” said David Devine, President and Chief Executive Officer of Devine Entertainment. “Our goal is to expand upon our commercial and critical success in the family and children’s entertainment marketplace with films and television content that addresses revenue opportunities in markets worldwide and for all audience demographics. We’re gratified that ‘Across the River to Motor City’ is already generating such positive industry buzz, even in comparison with programs from major U.S. entertainment companies.”


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  1. This series is worse than terrible. It’s awful. The sound is muddy. It looks like every scene was shot by a different crew and director. I believe poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick would be more entertaining than watching another episode of this disaster.

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