2 thoughts on “In the news: trey anthony of Da Kink in My Hair”

  1. Da Kink is da awful. Unfunny and unwatchable. What was Global thinking? They should forget about domestic programming; get rid of their development people and just do ‘Canadian 5th Grader.”

  2. as a white woman who saw the play ‘da kink in my hair i thought it was wonderful! i laughed, i cried and brought my mother and sister to see it. I have been watching the t.v show and though it differs from the play and doesn’t attack some of the heavier issues of the play i really loved it! I think it’s about time we see different women on t.v and the african/black community has a chance to tell there story. So Bill guess what turn the channel! Cause we love ‘da kink and i guess a lot of people do because i heard it’s doing really well in the ratings. Way to go trey! She’s going to be our Oprah!

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