In the news: Search and Rescue coming to Global in March

Ilona Beiks of Playback interviews creator Raymond Storey:

  • Search & Rescue in the hunt for viewers
    “The producers of Search & Rescue, a West Coast action-drama based on the lives of four members of the Coast Guard, is hoping to lure viewers away from the U.S. competition when it airs on Global in March.” Read more.
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2 thoughts on “In the news: Search and Rescue coming to Global in March”

  1. The show has been renamed – it’s now The Guard,

    And the premiere has been pushed forward – it’s now January 22, Tuesday at 10 following Global TV’s highest rated show “House.”

  2. Thanks for the info – sounds like they’re scheduling it decently, at least. Even a House rerun (assuming the strike will affect it then) should be a good lead in.

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