In the news: Michelle Morgan of Heartland

Bill Harris of Sun Media interviews actress Michelle Morgan of Heartland:

  • heartland2Homegrown show has ‘Heart’
    “Sometimes “family drama” is a dirty term in TV or film, because it is considered to be a synonym for “boring.” But according to Morgan, not only is Heartland not boring, but it also fills an oft-neglected void.” Read more.

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming and Michelle Morgan (left) as Lou Fleming in Heartland on CBC Television. Debuts at 7 p.m. on October 14. Photo credit: Andrew Bako.


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  1. I just watched the first episode of Heartland and I’m hooked. A great show with great acting. Looks like a winner

  2. I absolutely loved the first episode. Of the 37 pilot episodes I watched so far this fall season, Heartland is my favourite by far.

  3. I love Heartland and I thought the books were awesome! i’m so glad its finally a t.v show now^^. I just hate that some of stuff was changed from the book but I guess that happens with every book that becomes a t.v show/movie they can’t keep everything the same. But overall its a great show and Ty is hott :P. Can’t wait until tomorrow to see the next episode :)

  4. This great, it is in my top two favorite show. It great to watch Canadian teenage play in this show.Can’t wait till next Sunday.Ty is a hhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. Looks like a good show…but why did they have to change so much from the books? Like Lou had blonde hair and Amy doesnt care about her looks, Ty is never “new” to the farm, and Pegasus’ “rodeo” accident? ummm no it was SHOWJUMPING….get it right people sorry but this upsets me, if your making a show out of a book at least get details like that right.

  6. i love the heartland shows but maybe they should go on EVERY night not just sunday
    i just don’t like ALL the changes that they have in the movie-oh and make it a movie or DVD

  7. I loved the books but u shouldnt change so many details!

  8. Is there any websites that i can go on to watch the show for free. Cause like Steph i too live in Florida.

  9. I absolutely love Heartland, it is the best by far, I live in Canada and I cant believe Amber Marshall is CANADIAN☺ I was crying though when it was not on tonight!!!!!!!!!!☻OHHHH WELLLL. Can’t wait to see it next week and hopefully I wont miss anything!!!☺

  10. Oh my goodness, I started watching the show this week, because before I thought it wasnt at all based on the books…I didnt even know it was a horse show! Anyways, I started watching it, and Im hooked! I watched all 9 episodes in ONE day…its soooo good! Keep up the good work!

  11. I love horses. I even have one. But i live in Texas. Is it ever going to come on in the U.S?My friends, cusions and myself love the books so we want to see the show!! ;P :) Hope it comes on in the U.S!!

  12. I completely love the Heartland books and the show is pretty cool to. I just don’t get why so many things had to change. I meen there has to be a blonde haired girl out there, who would love to play Lou and a brown haired girl who would play Amie(Although I do luv Amber Marshall). Why is Ty from juvie? Who is Mallory? and why couldn’t Ashley Grant’s stable be called GreenBriar(like the books) instead of “Briar Ridge.” Ty shouldn’t live at Heartland anyway(even though that is kinda cool) Amie shouldn’t worry about her looks(she gonna look good anyway!) And what was up with an ex-girlfriend of Ty’s thats new. I think the show should stick more precisley to the books. and be on more than just on Sunday. Even though it is so different from the books I still love it and I would really like to be able to watch it at least once every week.

  13. I live really close to where you are filming maybe you now it Stavely or Chlaresholm!!! I love the Heartland shows!!!! Last sunday I was looking for heartland but every heartland show had this discovery-like thing on. What was that about?

  14. Ya! Last ime i was waiting for it and it was this thing about like random animals…I dont really care about the whole “change” becuase its a show! its not suppost to be the same as the book…but it would of been good…i was really confused about many things at first! And i dont think it should be on Sundays or once a week….lets say 2 times a week and on different times…its really hard for me to watch on Sundays when my dads home because he wants us to all go out for dinner! LUCKLY last night when we were at my cousins i found a T.V that had Channel 3 and it was nice and warm there so i had a HeartLand Party!!

    GO HEARTLAND!! (seriously if you like horses i love them 530 times more then you:D!!)

  15. I love heartland i balled my eyes out on the first episode :( umm….I am totally upsest w/ ty i have this HUGE poster of him in my room i cant get enough of the series i could watch all of seson one if i had the time anyways luv the show luv ty luv the horses ok i got to go bye


  16. It was wonderful show . I watched it and love it . Amber Marshall is wonderful actress . I hope that the Heartland show will return in Fall . i hooked it and watch . I am glad the show made in Canada .

  17. HEARTLAND IS AWESOME! i read ALLL the books and now i count down the hours and minutes to when it starts on sundays! I can’t believe Ty left!AHHHHHH!

  18. As you can tell I live in America and I don’t get to see the Heartland series. I hope it will come out on DVD because I read the books by Lauren Brooke. I do alot of the same suff as Amy Flemming dose ( but ride western all the time I don’t see how you ride in an english saddle lol) at Heartland but for real on untrained horses( wicth sparked my intrests in this show) . Who ever reads this and knows if there is a DVD coming out please leave a reply for me about it and how i can get it !

  19. OMG! I so love Heartland. I’m still reading the books and it is so cool. Ive only seen a few and not much of the shows. I so wont to see the rest. I too hope that it comes out on DVD and if it does I hope it comes to New Zealand.

  20. OMG! Graham (Who plays Ty) has the same last name as me. I so can’t believe it. I almost died when i found out. OMG!!

  21. wish i could look like Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Ty is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think Tim is hot too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Luv the show,perhaps u might sing a song in one of the Episodes. I’M in Perth Western Australia.I think Horses r a Beautiful Animal, i wonder if u would enlighten me , by telling me, who Mallerey,is related to in the series==CIAO 4 now==take care===Colin

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