In the news: Dragons’ Den heating up

Kate Taylor of the Globe and Mail warms up to Dragons’ Den (second item):

  • DD9I forget (ha ha ha), I forget again (it’s not that funny any more)
    “The point is that things are supposedly heating up on Dragons’ Den, that reality show where a group of taciturn Canadian millionaires take the most hopeless lot of would-be entrepreneurs you could ever imagine down into their grim basement and let them twist in the wind before dismissing them with a few blunt words.” Read more.

Dianne Buckner, host of Dragons’ Den. Photo credit: Roy Timm-CBC Television.

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One thought on “In the news: Dragons’ Den heating up”

  1. Well it’s about time! This is, in my opinion, one of the best shows on television – entertaining and informative. And now that the Dragons have really started to relax – combined with the addition of Arlene, who is truly wonderful – both the comedic and satirical elements have been upped dramatically. Anyway, it’s great stuff – I’m glad the Globe has picked up on it.

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