In the news: Alberta boosts local TV industry

From Laura Severs of Business Edge News Magazine:


Amber Marshall stars as Amy Fleming in Heartland on CBC Television. Photo credit: Andrew Bako.


14 thoughts on “In the news: Alberta boosts local TV industry”

  1. I am unable to watch the Heartland Show for various reasons would i be possible to post the episodes so i could watch them Thank-you very much

  2. What a terrific show, and Amber Marshall will be one of Canada’s top actors ever. Not only can she act, but she is also a rider and horsewoman. To the writers and creators of this series, congrads on a show that is so timely, timeless and contemporary. You portray the true Canadian lifestyle and thinking of us country folk. Great show – I hope you go world-wide for many more years to come.

  3. I’ve read all the Heartland books and dreamed of being in the show myself. Could you please send the show to Australia? I would watch it and buy the series because I love the books. Kind Regards, Kirsti

  4. wow, heartland is an amazing show, Ive read the books since i was a little girl! its so great to have such an amazing canadian family show like this to watch!

  5. Hi Amber. I live 2 hours away from u and I am dying to meet you. We have so much in common. Heartland is the best show on earth.

  6. Amber marshall is the best actor it would be awsome to see her in a movie. It has always been a dream of mine to meet her but like that would ever happen it would be awsome if that did happen though

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