In the news: Darcy Tucker on Little Mosque

From the Canadian Press:


Ron Maclean, host of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, and Maple Leaf Darcy Tucker guest-star as themselves in an episode of CBC Television’s LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE. It telecasts on on Wednesday, November 7 at 8 p.m. Photo: Sophie Giraud

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6 thoughts on “In the news: Darcy Tucker on Little Mosque”

  1. Darcy Tucker was a poor choice for the program he is all about toronto and nothing about the praire he is a goonon skates but because he plays for toronto he is a god. so there was not one hockeyplayer from the praire that could do this role OH I forgot it was fimed in toronto and NOT the praire

  2. I think Darcy Tucker as a super star for the Leafs, did a very awesome job as an acter. GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!! GO TUCKER GO !!!!!!!!!!!!

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