2 thoughts on “In the news: Hubert T. Lacroix new president and CEO of CBC”

  1. Hello everyone:

    The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE) is holding a protest at the CBC Ottawa Headquarters on Lanark Ave on Monday, May 5th from 1. p.m. to 3 p.m.

    The protest is in regard to media bias on the Quirks and Quarks show on March 8th which Bob McDonald who interviewed Dr. Edward Shoter regarding electroshock.

    Dr. Shorter spoke positively about electroshock while he was on the show. There were no other guests except him. There were no guests on the show who would have had said negative things about ECT. This is where the media bias is.

    The CBC must ensure balanced journalism in all of their radio, an tv programs.

    Come out and support us, birng a sign, and bring your whistles, and noise makers.

    The ICBE only organizes peaceful and non-violent protests.


    Sue Clark-Wittenberg
    ICBE – http://icbe.wordpress.com
    Email: 2005.sueclark@gmail.com

    “Electroshock is a Crime Against Humanity and It Must End Now”

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