10 thoughts on “In the news: The demise of Jeff Ltd.”

  1. Here’s another reason Jeff Ltd. was cancelled – not enought people found it funny! I watched one episode & that was enough for me. There is certainly a lack of promotion for many Cdn shows, but if a show is not entertaining, no amount of promotion will fix that problem!

  2. Denis had (what I thought was) a great post on this very subject a few week ago over at Dead Things.

  3. Seymour is not a particularly likeable actor. That said, I agree with the above post that Jeff Ltd was yet another Canadian comedy that was simply not funny. Much like Mosque, Rent-A-Goalie, Da Kink, The Jane Show, An American In Canada, etc. etc., it is beyond me how these programs get made. My thought is that Canadian broadcasters simply do not care if their programs are any good. They’re merely trying to fill an unwanted quota while they reap huge profits from their American programs. Until their attitude changes and they hire talented development people and have a desire to make great programs, we will continue to be stuck with unwatchable shows like Jeff Ltd., that will continue to get made and get cancelled. We deserve better.

  4. Bottom line, the show sucked. You can’t promote a show thats unpleasant to watch. And what the hell kind of title is “Jeff Ltd.” anyways. What an arrogant douchebag Seymour is.

  5. What are you talking about? Jeff Ltd .,was and is still a Hilarious comedy about a conceited, but likeable character. It was funny, different and was plucked too early from the airwaves. I for one would be thrilled too have it come back on the air, as I keep watching the reruns over and over again. To those of you who could not find the humour in this show, all I can say is you must enjoy watching paint dry

  6. Jeff Ltd was HILARIOUS.
    Mind you, when Jeff’s character girlfriend was axed in the second season..the show went downhill.
    Watch Season one- awesome writing/acting.

  7. Jeff was awesome. The fact that canadians prefer Corner Gas demonstrates what’s horribly wrong with canadians.

  8. My sister kept telling me to try watching it again, I know you’ll like it. I did, and guess what?! I find it addictive, fresh, daring, original. Some people here just don’t have a sense of humour.

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