In the news: Little Mosque en francais

Patricia Bailey of Playback reports on the CBC show’s arrival on Radio-Canada:

  • 2lmop1445Will Mosque’s message click in Quebec?
    “Following its sales to France, Israel and Turkey, Little Mosque on the Prairie will air in Quebec next spring on Radio-Canada. The pubcaster’s decision is timely, as the province is in the midst of a very public, and at times divisive, debate about the integration of religious minorities and immigrants.” Read more.

Carlo Rota is Yasir, a contractor in the small town of Mercy. Photo: Sophie Giraud


7 thoughts on “In the news: Little Mosque en francais”

  1. Enough with the Mosque articles. People initially watched out of curiosity and because it had a cute name and the CBC threw two million dollars in promotion at it. But this comedy is not funny. Tune out. Stop writing articles. Stop trying to bore Quebec with this piece of junk. Stop the insanity! Let’s get some actual domestic humour on our airwaves. And while we’re at it. Someone please explain to me why Rent-A-Goalie ever went beyond a pilot script? Someone at Showcase should lose their job over this bizarre, mindless turkey.

  2. Hey, I’m not a fan either, but about a million Canadians disagree with you on Mosque, and that makes it a homegrown hit. Turn the channel and turn the (metaphorical Internet) page if you don’t want to see it, but the reason it gets coverage is that people are watching and enjoying.

  3. And millions voted for George Bush. Bottom line, Mosque is not funny. There are four solid comedies on television: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, The Office and My Name Is Earl. They are well-written with solid stories, great characters and how is this for a concept: JOKES! I wish our Canadian so-called sitcoms might follow these simple rules for comedy.

  4. I found the first season more interesting than funny. I didn’t laugh much but learned a little about Islam. I think the episodes are getting funnier this season. It may be too late to regain the initial audience but it seems to be getting better.

    I have always been curious why Corner Gas never made it to Quebec TV. I would have expected to see it on TVA by now.

  5. Bill, I’m sure we’d all prefer a dictatorship where only our opinions counted, but it’s not quite the way the world works. As long as Mosque has an audience, journalists will continue to write about it.

    Toujoursdan, I wasn’t aware Corner Gas wasn’t on Quebec TV – that does seem strange.

  6. Little Mosque on the Prairie has become a benchmark for Canadian television programming in terms of producing a show which creates dialogue (you are all obviously talking about it) between people of different cultural backgrounds. Not a bad thing to do. The show, while it may not be Seinfeld, it yields a great deal of power in terms of media, audience grab, international interest and creative vision. I give the show’s producers huge props for taking a risk with a concept that no other television producer in any other country has ever attempted before. As Canadians we have the opportunity to stand behind this production and be proud of something that was made in Canada.

  7. Well I think its funny!!!

    I’m not sure what the problem is, if you dont like the show Bill, dont watch and dont read articles about it. What do you mean by “tune out”, do you not want people to watch it just because YOU dont like it? Even if its not the funniest show on tv, it could do a lot of good in Quebec. For a Canadian production I think its pretty damn good, btw Bill, what do you think of Corner Gas?

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