Upcoming series: The Guard, Global (previously Search and Rescue)

From a media release:

DHX Media announces THE GUARD series

DHX Media Ltd., a leading independent international producer and distributor of television programming and interactive content, recently announced the start of production on THE GUARD, a joint production with Vancouver-based Brightlight Pictures and DHX Media’s Halifax Film. The 13, one hour, episode primetime drama series was commisioned by Global Television and is slated to air in Canada in early 2008.

Charles Bishop, President of DHX Media’s Halifax Film unit commented,
“With the coast guard as backdrop, viewers will be drawn to our four rescue specialists who ultimately neglect themselves to save others. These story lines will have an international appeal and will be a positive, diversifying addition to our growing library of programming.”

“THE GUARD is an innovative and intense series that we know Canadians
will embrace,” said Christine Shipton, Vice President of Original Programming for Global Television. “Through his dynamic writing, Raymond Storey has created a cast of compelling characters deftly brought to life by a wonderful cast, and we look forward to bringing this terrific original production to our audiences in the new year.”


THE GUARD is a character-driven ensemble drama delving into the lives of
four members of a Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue team serving in the Pacific Northwest – where the Pacific Ocean collides with Canada’s mountainous coastline in one of the most beautiful and treacherous locations on earth. The series explores the stories of these four imperfect, offbeat and sometimes difficult heroes whose greatest search may be for meaning in their own lives.


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing actress Zoie Palmer star in this drama and wish her great success with this production.

  2. Hey, I am looking forward to seeing actor David James Elliott star in this drama and not only as a guest, he is a very great actor (literally) and we all want to see him as a major player.

  3. I really enjoyed the show. I was anxious to watch one of my favorite Canadian actors, Ryan Robbins who always gives an amazing performance. I am sure this show will do very well. Go Canada!

  4. after serveing in the military for 27 years,and haveing been around military search and recue personnel,iwas always lead to beleive that all
    water and air rescues in canada were the reponsiblity of the military.I did not know that the cost guard had serch and rescue capability.if they do not than you could have done a show which would have been much more
    creditable on our military searsh and rescue personnel. I am not in any
    way slighting our coast guard, they do a great job, sometimes in trying
    circumstances,shows have at least try to be factual.Iwatched the show
    last night it was good,just passing comments

  5. Yes, George, the Coast Guard does do Search and Rescue – at least on the West Coast – the Coast Guard, with the aid of CG Auxiliary, does most of it.
    The military does assist in some cases. My disappointment with the series was that a whole group of Coast Guard professionals was ignored – the radio operators. These are the people on shore who are the link between the sea and land. Often the radio operator is the first person to know of a distress and many times it’s their reassuring voices that give a sailor hope of rescue. I’m proud of our Coast Guard and the job they do – I was hoping we would all be recognized in this series.

  6. My favorite actor Steve Bacic is in this one and I can’t even watch it! I live in the states and it hasn’t made it’s way down here yet. From what I have captured in clips from some of the previews…..it looks awesome and I wish I could be watching it along with all of you.
    At least I will be seeing him in Vancouver this coming August at GateCon! ;)

  7. Just to correct a few points posted here. Yes the coast Guard does do search and rescue but it is in a joint operation with many different agencies. All of witch are dispatched out of JRCC (Joint rescue coordination centre) in Victoria. And the first and last line of defense for any downed aircraft lost hikers, marine vessels in distress and any other people in distress anywhere in Canada (land, sea and Air, including the arctic) is to send some of Canada’s elite rescue personnel being SEARCH AND RESCUE TECHNICIANS (known as SARTECH’s for short). This is a military organization and under the umbrella of the Air Force. They are ultimately the most highly trained rescue personnel trained in the world. Some of there specialties are Advanced Care Paramedics, Rescue Divers, survival specialists (any environment in Canada including the arctic), Free-fall parachute trained, Rope Rescue Technicians, Mountaineering, Sea survival and much more. These are the people that are relied upon to save someone when there is no other person or organization that can do it. And they work hand in hand with the Coast Guard. Complementing each other in one common goal. THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE (the motto of Canada’s SARTECH’s). These men and women preform over 7000 missions yearly across Canada and help to reunite family’s. Google Search and Rescue Technician to find out more.

  8. i would really like to see the guard but it is currently unavailable in u.s. does anyone know when it will be available here, or on dvd?

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