In the news: Da Vinci’s Inquest on DVD

From Bill Sherman of Blogcritics:

  • DVD Review: Da Vinci’s Inquest – Season One
    “Though billed on the Acorn set’s slipcase as a “mystery” series, DVI is as much a social drama as it is a police procedural: at least half of the episodes in the first season focus on issues (mercy killing, misuse of political power, mistreatment of the elderly, teen risk-taking) more than unexpected deaths.” Read more.



2 thoughts on “In the news: Da Vinci’s Inquest on DVD”

  1. Why in the name of anything Holy and/or unholy can`t we buy these DVDs for the complete series in CANADA. This is absolutely stupid but oh so Canadian.

  2. The whole series isn’t available on DVD in the US either – it’s a review of the first season. We can get 1 and 2, just as Americans can. If they sell well enough, more seasons should come.

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