13 thoughts on “In the news: Instant Star calling it quits”

  1. “One of the most creative and innovative television shows in TV history” is perhaps one of the most ridiculous comments in TV history. This show is ok and is appealing to a limited group of people so let’s not get ahead of ourselves putting it up there with the truly fantastic shows.

  2. I was just quoting the producer from the linked story. I do happen to agree completely with you.

  3. Until I actually watched an episode on the fly about a year and a half ago, I thought the show would suck (as in it being teenage bubblegum floss) but I got into it and it’s proved to be a very good show. Alexis Johnson who stars in it is extremely talented. I’ll be sad to say goodbye.

  4. I have only seen afew or twenty episodes, but I must admit, that it was a a great idea to do a show about a winner of a canadian/ american idol. To do a a drama about that takes brains and know how. Thanks for the episodes I saws I really enjoyed!!!!!!! Bravo, And for degarassi I hope it goes for 25 for years, it has really helped my kids……………..Thank You for making Great Television……

  5. I thought the show was great in season one, liked what I seen of season 2, never did see any of season 3, did not know there was a season 4, can’t find DVD box sets for the series, and think typically of CTV and canadian broadcasters in general that they do not market, or promote our talent worth a darn. I live in Alberta, and never did get to fully enjoy the series. It’s availability to air was poor to say the very least. How can you expect a series to succeed if the marketing and the timeslots are not consistant. The CTV website for Instant Star is outdated and was in season one. CTV website revealed little to no information regardind the show. If I was a cast member, I would be a tad miffed. Epitome and CTV better start doing a better job with their shows or they will be in trouble against their competitors

  6. I think instant star is a very good show.And when they do end I hope they make it good. I loved all 3 seasons
    and I hope the four is better.

  7. instant star may not be for some of you. but those of you who knock it think about this: a young girl vieing for her musical talent to get noticed gets a dose of reality when she does make it big. not to mention her life being torn to shred and having to deal with family, friends, love interests, and a lot of screaming fans?? i think the show was an excellent example of what every girl really wants. fame, fortune, and love…

  8. OH i forgot to say that the little senero picture i painted for all of you is not jude harrison in the series..

  9. Does anyone no when season four will actually air a televison show called the-n?

  10. omg i luv that show it my fave it had evrtthing drama music romance passion i wish they put more of the last episode though i hope that they may come too there senses and make a season 5

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