In the news: Intelligence’s future

Ilona Beiks of Media in Canada reports on the prospects for Intelligence:

  • Intelligence10Intelligence faces uncertain future
    “CBC insists it hasn’t yet made a decision about Intelligence, and media buyers remain upbeat about Chris Haddock’s beleaguered series, despite its weakening ratings. But word from the set is that there won’t be a third season of the series.” Read more.

Photo: Klea Scott as Mary Spalding


7 thoughts on “In the news: Intelligence’s future”

  1. An absolutely wonderful show and one of the finest dramas anywhere. I’m hoping that the CBC renews the series and makes it a cornerstone of their programming.

  2. It infuriates me that the CBC would hem and haw about whether to continue a show this wonderful. They need their heads examined.

    Keep Intelligence rolling and promote the hell out of it, CBC. It’s the best drama you’ve got.

  3. My Hubby and I couldn’t wait for 9:00 Monday nights because we loved Intelligence so much. What a great show! And now I’m starting to realize that the show is going to meet the same fate as D’Vinci’s Inquest and City Hall (the other time I ever sent an email like this absolutely shocked that our favourite show had been cancelled). We started to watch Border but I’m not going to get interested in the story or the characters because I know what will happen. I’m a proud Canadian but I think I’ll turn to one of the American networks and see what’s on there. That’s how badly you have put me off!!!

  4. The cancellation of Intelligence is very suspicious – sounds like an inside job at the CBC. Surely these people aren’t that dumb…

  5. Why not bring back this amazing show?!? With the writers’ strike now on in the US, this show could soar!! It’s already better than pretty much anything out there. Even watching The Sopranos now seems tame in comparison. There literally is nothing this good. Unpredictable, intense, intelligent, gripping. Why can’t shows of this level ever seem to survive? CBC — don’t let us down!! Bring on another season of Intelligence!!

  6. the best writing and realistic drama I have seen on both sides of the border

    when I saw the episode about the business man who was representing the group who were planning the takeover of Canada, the realization of the depth
    of the writing and where this series was going to go blew me away. I also
    feel that the end of this series was not about budgets and number of viewers, but strictly based on political pressure from the US.


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