In the news: Peter Raymont of The Border

The Canadian Press has a profile on documentary filmmaker Peter Raymont, executive producing his first TV drama with CBC’s upcoming The Border:

  • Longtime documentarian Peter Raymont in spotlight with new film, TV show
    “‘I think we’re getting closer to the truth with The Border than we could do with a documentary on the subject, I really do. Documentaries are all about access – the types I do, anyway. And you can’t get inside those types of national security issues in the post-9-11 world. This is the way to do it, with dramatizations that are informed by and drawn from reality.'” Read more.


Photo from The Border courtesy CBC: American-Canadian differences in policy are personified in the relationship between American agent Bianca LaGarda (Sofia Milos) and her Canadian counterpart Major Mike Kessler (James McGowan).


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