In the news: jPod debuts Tuesday

Joshua Ostroff of Eye Weekly talks to writer Douglas Coupland about jPod:

  • Generation, press “X”
    “Mom-run basement grow-ops. Ballroom-dancing Asian gangsters. Sneaker-collecting videogame gore specialists. Robitussin-swilling computer coders. Junkie bosses. Dead bikers. Human traffickers. Skateboarding turtles. And iconic sitcom dad Alan Thicke as a rum ‘n’ Gatorade–addicted, sieg heil-ing, made-for-cable movie extra having an affair with his son’s old high-school algebra partner. Pop-cult novelist Douglas Coupland’s first foray into television, an adaptation of his 2006 black comedy book jPod, is not your parent’s CBC series.” Read more.


The Jarlewski family (from left to right) Sherry Miller as Carol, David Kopp as Ethan and Alan Thicke as Jim.


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