In the news: Sophie premieres Wednesday

Nelson Wyatt of the Canadian Press is charmed by CBC’s upcoming Sophie:

  • Debut of ‘Sophie’ takes the chill off January
    “[Natalie] Brown will soon be lighting up the screen as the star of “Sophie,” a smart and sexy CBC-TV show that chronicles the misadventures of a single mom who’s having the worst year of her life. The dialogue crackles out of the mouths of the show’s top-notch cast, while the rich look of the 30-minute sitcom belies the fact that a good chunk is shot in a warehouse in Repentigny, Que., near Montreal.” Read more.


Natalie Brown is Sophie. Photo by Dustin Rabon.

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One thought on “In the news: Sophie premieres Wednesday”

  1. An honour to have been part of her childhood in her Timmins hometown. This lady is sweet and beautiful and a natural….I am proud of her and so is “dean” xox

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