In the news: James McGowan of The Border

James McGowan writes a diary for the National Post:

  • My fiery flashbacks
    “I have spent months creating, grounding, fleshing out Major Mike Kessler, Head of ICS–Immigration and Custom Security. I live and breathe him in 2007. But today, we are flashing back in time 14 years to an event and the start of a relationship that defines his life, and it occurs to me, for the first time in five months of shooting, I’m anxious about my scenes.” Read more.


James McGowan as Major Mike Kessler


6 thoughts on “In the news: James McGowan of The Border”

  1. hello james! Great show! I’m not sure if you remember Brian O’Reilly hes a friend of yours.I know him.I am his nephews friend.

  2. I was able to watch this on line. I live in New York State and I do not have access to CBC. I think you have a winner here! The cast is great! James is a very handsome man and I believe he and Sohia will make a great team!

  3. Really enjoying the show since it started. Have never seen McGowan before and I’m really liking him; he has a great prescence onscreen. He was made for that role. Also loving the interplay between Kessler and Agent LaGuardia. Great job to all involved!

  4. Just love James, he’s so perfect for the part or any other part for that matter!!!! Oh yes!!!!

  5. Salut , James , je suis amoureuse de toi , je rêve de tu voir une fois , je pense que tu comprends le français ,donc on peut communiquer.

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