One thought on “In the news: Peter Raymont on The Border”

  1. I just finished viewing the much-hyped ‘The Border’ on CBC. Almost unwatchable with its unbelievably frenetic camera movement and mundane storyline. You’d think that the writers might be able to come up with something a little more interesting than Muslims being detained at an airport. Dull, vapid, boring. I’m running out of adjectives. The producers confuse dizzying editing and thumping music with entertaining and engaging. Another huge miss that will probably get an audience because of all the money they’re throwing at advertising this piece of dreck. I did like the set though. It was nice that Toronto’s now empty multi-million dollar ferry terminal has finally found a home. Although let’s hope it’s for about three episodes. Bring back ‘Intelligence.’!!! I refer to both the show and to the leadership of the CBC.

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