3 thoughts on “In the news: The Border’s first-episode ratings”

  1. I couldn’t disagree more. ‘The Border’ is another huge miss as far as I’m concerned. First off, enough with the jerky camera movement. That was passe about 8 weeks after NYPD Blue did it back in the early nineties. Second, surely the writers could come up with a more compelling and original storyline than Muslims detained at an airport. Thirdly, I was ready to strangle the supporting actor who chomped on food incessantly throughout the show. All in all: mundane, banal and way too simplistic and unoriginal. And what producer made the call not to introduce the American actress from ‘Miami Vice’ until episode two. Let’s hope this puppy dies a quick death and the CBC has the wisdom to sink its budget into a third season of ‘Intelligence’ which is wonderful drama and should be supported.

  2. I completely agree with Bill. Very old fashioned and totally cliched & unbelievable. Badly cast, dreadful script, & the ending – in obligatory slow mo – well, you get the gist. Obligatory decoy nerd who can’t stop eating, jerky camera, old fashioned music (get the guy/gal from Intelligence immediately!). How the CBC can tout this drek instead of the cancelled Intelligence sums up why drama at the mother corp is destined for the tank.

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