In the news: CBC’s ratings

From Guy Dixon of the Globe and Mail:

  • Ratings cheer CBC
    “Meanwhile, 472,000 viewers tuned in to Tuesday’s debut of CBC’s offbeat comedy jPod, created by writer Douglas Coupland from his novel of the same name. ‘It’s a great start,’ Layfield said, ‘especially in the 25-54[-year-old] niche, where it attracted 293,000. We look forward to watching it grow.'” Read more.

2 thoughts on “In the news: CBC’s ratings”

  1. Good news on a few fronts

    1) CBC is finally putting out some home grown programming that is intelligent, funny and culturally relevant (not hockey or news programming either)

    2) Coupland is to Vancouver as Woody Allen is to NYC. The city itself and its various quirks are inextricably linked to the stories of the characters that inhabit this landscape. Its great to see Vancouver portrayed as itself for a change as well.

    I hope the ratings soar!

  2. Was a bit disappointed with the jPod opening numbers, but I also hope this decent comedy will get some more viewers in the coming weeks. I’m starting to have faith in CBC again! Yay!

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