In the news: The Border ratings

Marise Strauss and Sean Davidson write in Media in Canada:

  • Strong start for CBC’s mid-season
    “CBC got its mid-season off to a strong start on Monday with The Border, while its strike-plagued commercial competition aired a dance show and a movie. The drama drew a solid 710,000 viewers to its 9 pm slot, taking over from Intelligence. By comparison, the Chris Haddock crime drama averaged only 263,000 over its second, most recent run. ” Read more.

5 thoughts on “In the news: The Border ratings”

  1. Um, yeah, the writer of the show tries to spin it so more than a 100,000 drop in numbers is good news? I think I’ll wait to see how this one shakes out. And if ratings makes something superior, American Idol must be 10 times as good as the border.

  2. By all means, see how it shakes out. For now, I’ll take comfort in a negligible 15 percent drop. And the first poster floated that metric, Jimmy boy, not I.

  3. I didn’t even know you were in the conversation. I was talking to Anonymous and his “you lose”, Denis boy.

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