In the news: David Kopp of jPod

David Kopp of jPod writes this week’s diary in the National Post:

  • What comes after the ring?
    “This week’s diarist is actor David Kopp, who plays Ethan Jarlewski on the CBC-TV series jPod. The show, based on the novel by Douglas Coupland, airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Kopp kept his diary earlier this month.” Read more.


David Kopp as Ethan Jarlewski.


2 thoughts on “In the news: David Kopp of jPod”

  1. Wow, David. I was a little concerned by your Friday Jan 25 offering because I am an educator, and I worry about what kids are coming out of school with. It has to do with your terribly wrong dates about the human race. as a species we’ve been around at least 100,000 years, and we began to move roughly 60,000 years ago from Africa. This is much in the news, and you might find such books as Man’s Genetic Odyssey by Spencer Wells of interest. It actually traces the journeys and how we came to populate the whole world. His book traces DNA along the male line, and there is another fascinating book about tracking the Mitochondrial DNA for the female line. They just go all over the world, taking samples, analyzing them and they can map with extraordinary accuracy who arrived where when, and in what wave of the journey. You might find these helpful.
    cheers, Iona Whishaw

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