Upcoming series: The Family Restaurant, Food Network, January 2009

From a media release:


Old-style elegance and family warmth are the hallmarks of The Lingnan, the eating establishment featured in Season III of The Family Restaurant, the hit documentary series returning to Food Network in January 2009. Filming gets underway in Edmonton on Saturday January 26, launched with the traditional Big Luck Ceremony that heralds the start-up of important Chinese projects.

After the extraordinary success of the series’ first two seasons, Anaïd Productions embarked on a search in several cities for the next family establishment and found their best story right in Edmonton. “The Lingnan has been serving Chinese food to Edmontonians since 1947 and holds an important place in the city’s culture,” says Executive Producer Margaret Mardirossian. “The Quon Family has run the restaurant since its inception and they have agreed to let us in on the challenges they face, as the new generation approaches the traditional business in new ways.”

This season, we meet The Lingnan’s exuberant, perfectionist manager (and elder son of the family) Miles Quon (26). Having growing up in and around the Lingnan, Miles can hardly wait to modernize the place—despite the resistance of his set-in-their-ways parents. Miles believes that you can’t rest on your laurels if you want to thrive.

Kinman (53), Miles’s father and owner of The Lingnan, is a relaxed, laid-back individual. Proud of his 60-year-old business, long-time employees, and faithful customers, Kinman takes an “if-it-ain’t-broke” approach to restaurant management, much to his elder son’s consternation.

We also meet tireless restaurateur and mother/hostess, the “Amazing Amy,” a bossy bundle of energy and a charming entertainer in The Lingnan’s front of house. She also runs the Quons’ second popular eatery in Edmonton’s downtown, Chicken for Lunch, which sees line-ups 40-deep or more every weekday noon hour.

Daughter Mandy (24) works full-time as a sales manager at a local hotel, and adds an extra splash of glamour to the Lingnan when she hostesses on Friday and Saturday evenings. Her handsome East Indian boyfriend Ajit sometimes gets conscripted as a bartender on nights when they’re short-staffed. Mandy worries that her mother is killing herself with overwork, and wishes she would close Chicken For Lunch and focus on the Lingnan. But Amy loves her “chicken boys and girls” (as she calls her lunch customers) and treasures the independence of having her own business. Will she ever listen to her children, or her own aching muscles, and give it up?

Marty (23), the younger Quon son, is a university student who just landed his dream job at a car dealership where he can live out his obsession with automobiles. When he’s not selling cars or studying, Marty can be found delivering take-out all over the city—although not often enough to please Miles or his parents, who consider him the family “slacker.”

The Family Restaurant will bring, with its usual panache, the flashes of mayhem along with the flavours of tradition, wrapped up in delicious bites of entertainment, debuting January 2009.


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  1. Both places are awesome. Being a chef it will be interesting to see how they handle such a gong show of a business.

  2. Kinman is a GREAT man and FUN-NEY !

    I am soooo looking forward to this season of “Wok On The Wild Side” !

    Good Luck My Friends !

    PS: I’ve always and all ways will say “The Lingnan is the BEST Chinese Food in CANADA !, Likely The World !

    “Rock On” Food Network ! Ya Done GOOD, nah . . . Ya done GREAT !

  3. Well, words cannot describe what the mouth can entirely experience, here’s an attempt to express how wonderful the Lingnan really is.

    We had the pleasure of dining tonight at the Lingnan.

    Two of us live in Calgary, AB.

    The hospitality was superb, the eggplant special dish was AMAZING . . . the peachy shrimp dish was delicious . . . the spicy crispy chicken was delightful . . . . AND THE COFFEE WAS REAL COFFFFFFEEEE !

    Hats off to Kinman and his wonderful family for giving Edmonton and CANADA a GREAT Food Experience !

    Great Success On Your TV Show !

  4. The Lingnan’s food is the worst food I have ever had in my life. It was a dingy, smelly restaurant in a grimy area of town and the food did not make up for it! Edmontonians need a wake up call on what is real food! Gross. I can’t believe these guys are getting air time.

  5. I had dinner at Lingnan on my last visit to Edmonton as it was highly recommended. But that was THE worst ever! They do not deserve a TV show. They should have a TV show with Chef Cordon Ramsey and learn how to make food first of all.

  6. I go to the Lingnan somewhat regularly and enjoy it every time. The waiters are always friendly, the food is quite large (and always delicious), and they have some delicious chili sauce, yum…. I’ll definitely watch this show!

  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo why did they get rid of the Psalios familyyy they were the best… man this sucks….

  8. Hands down Lingnan is the best Chinese food in Canada ever!!!!! My family are regulars at Lingnan’s for over 22 years and like the energizer bunny we will keep going and going and going ……………………



  9. I can not wait to watch this season of the family restauraunt. i go to chicken for lunch all the time because the food is superb and the ladies are wonderful, especially amy. she calls me sweetie and it doesnt matter how long it has been since my last visit she always remembers me and what i like to eat. hats off to to the Quon family for a job well done. :)


    It’s hard to be the BEST . . . YOU ALL ARE THE BEST!

    Warmest Regards,

    Doug Belsek (Edmonton)



  12. mmmmmmmm chicken for lunch is soooooo good, i love the spicy chicken. and lingnan is the best chinese restaurant in edmonton!
    the quons are super nice, one of the best restaurants for sure!

  13. From the first time you go to Chicken for Lunch, Amy will remember you. It is absolutely amazing. A good friend introduced me to it and when Amy asked me what I wanted, I acutally thought she was giving me choice….well. you have do have a choice…except the other 70people in line we be really P***ed at you if ask for anything that is not in the front. For all of you Seinfeld fans, it kind of felt like George with the Soup Nazi.

    I joke about that now, but the line moves so fast (it has too) that if you hestiate at all it won’t be Amy looking at you, it will be the other 69 rolling their eyes.

    Well, I asked for green beans instead of mixed veggies…Amy complied and from that moment on, I became Green Been boy…It took a while to become Green Bean Chris…but now I am just Chris. But guess what, my friend and I ate there today and my beans where there without even asking.

    Looking forward to the show Amy! And please don’t listen to Mandy. Edmonton would not be the same without you!

  14. Jan 15, 2009
    Love the show. The Quons rock! They are hilarious and wonderful loving towards each other – in a Chinese way. It’s great to see a Chinese family on TV. I hope they will be asked to do a second season.

  15. It looks like the kind of place that sells not-so-chinese food, like chicken balls, and almond chicken….

    They seem goofy and racist… and like an overdone chinese stereotype… it’s suprising that after an interview the production company chose caricatures, but I guess the animated nature makes them entertaining to the people who don’t find them annoying.

  16. Love the show! I have lived near the Lingnan for 18 years, and never ate there before last year. Like Jay above, I had unfairly prejudged the place.

    Yes, they serve chicken balls — and chop suey, etc. But they do that “Western” Chinese food better than anyplace I have ever eaten. And they’re also pushing their menu, bringing in more authentic Beijing-style cooking (complete with Beijing chefs). In short, it’s a Chinese restaurant that will satisfy anyone, from your maiden great-aunt to an adventurous young foodie.

    Not only that — the Quons and their staff provide the warmest welcome you’ll ever get in a restaurant.

    Check out the show (even if you miss the Psalios family). And check out the Lingnan!

  17. Definitely looking forward to tasting this new show and The Lingnan. I am always on the search for good Chinese Food in Edmonton. Working in Downtown Edmonton, I’m sure The Lingnan will be a weekly visit, if not more often!
    Congrats to the Quon’s! Best of luck!

  18. It’s funny. Western Chinese food with their own show. Nothing’s about the food on food network. At least it’s not good Chinese food at all. “Sweet and sour any ball” anyone?

  19. Stumbled upon the show last night, looked it up online, and ended up staying up watching every episode available online!! Perfect casting choice, tight editing, ADDICTING… lol. The Quons are absolutely HILARIOUS (probably without meaning to be) and this is a fascinating glimpse into the inner-workings of a close-knit, busy Chinese-Canadian family.

  20. My family has enjoyed The Lingnan since before I was born, and I just celebrated my 44th birthday at this charming Edmonton-landmark restaurant. I enjoy both authentic and “western” chinese food, but one of the reasons we return to The Lingnan is the quintessential atmosphere provided by the Quon family, especially Mrs. Quon. It’s so nice to see that this restaurant has stood the test of time, and it’s a pleasure to continue to visit. It’s all in knowing what to order, gratefully reliving fond childhood memories in a a place that has remained constant, and appreciating the familiar greeting and charm of Mrs. Quon. Congrats and best wishes to the Quons!

  21. Love the show but I can’t stand Mandy…thank god for the mute button. Don’t know how/why Ajit puts up with her cr@p.

  22. I just discovered “Family Restaurant” on the Food Network on demand. What a great show, I’m hooked. The Quons are such a funny family, even when they argue, you can see how much they care for eachother. I wish we had a Lingnan’s on the East coast. Please keep making the show, it’s my new favorite, I can’t wait for the next episode. :-)

  23. July 2009: I’ve been watching this show and I love it. Does anyone know why it’s off the air?

  24. Yeah, I got totally hooked on this show! It’s like watching my family on tv….Why is it off the air??? love everyone on the show, wish they were closer to toronto!

  25. What an annoying show. I can’t stand watching it. Miles is so arrogant… not funny at all. Everything seems so staged and fake. Way to play into the stereotypes too… wow.

  26. I just got home and and turned on food network, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It might as well have been

    housewives of orange county. What are you doing???? Is the food network doing to food what MTV

    did to music??? I am disappointed and disgusted………..Please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. My husband hates reality TV, but after watching The Quons on Food Network On Demand, he wants the Quons to have their own show – it is by far the best Canadian show we have seen in ages. On a side note Amy reminds me so much of my mother-in-law (right down to the hair) it is hilarious.

  28. I have recently purchased a 7000 sq ft restaurant on Vancouver Island – on the main highway just across from Nanaimo Airport. The place has been closed for 9/10 years for some very interesting reasons. It was a Greek restaurant and I am making into an old english pub style restaurant – want to open in June 2010. I have a crew working on things but would like some ideas, I have a pretty good budget so this isn’t really the issue. My problem is: I think I have some good ideas but I’m a little unsure. The name will be “The Gryphon’s Lair” (I’m even unsure as to whether the Gryphon should be simplified to Griffin). Any ideas. Thank you Sue O’Reilly

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