Interview with Murdoch Mysteries showrunner

From Jill Golick at Running with my Eyes Closed, an interview with Cal Coons:

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    “What we did when we developed the show was to make Murdoch a man of the future, a polymath who is exploring the boundaries between science and policing. He is ahead of his time. In doing so, we thought how would people react to a man that was advanced beyond them. We worked very hard to craft Murdoch. We did a lot of homework and were influenced by great — and even not so great — sources.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Murdoch Mysteries showrunner”

  1. Was there a pilot “movie” for the Murdoch Mysteries and if so who played the part of Murdoch.

  2. There were I believe 4 TV movies before it was decided to make a series. Peter Outerbridge played Murdoch in those, but he is also under contract to ReGenesis so wasn’t available for the Murdoch series.

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