In the news: Mayerthorpe movie

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • ‘Huge sense of loss’
    “Mayerthorpe obviously was a tough TV movie to make. ‘And very tough to decide to make,’ said Tom Cox, the executive producer of Mayerthorpe, which premieres tonight on CTV. Mayerthorpe focuses on the chain of events that led to the tragic incident in 2005 when four RCMP officers were ambushed, shot and killed in rural Alberta. The killer, James Roszko, then killed himself.” Read more.

From Ryan Cormier of the Edmonton Journal:

From Andrew Chung of the Toronto Star:

  • CTV’s Mayerthorpe films rips justice system
    “But the film, a docudrama (airing tonight at 9) about what many have called the ‘darkest day’ in RCMP history – when four of its young officers were murdered in a tiny Alberta town after which the film is named – says virtually nothing about the failings of the RCMP itself. That’s perhaps not so surprising, given that the script was handed over to the force for its scrutiny, though co-executive producer Jordy Randall says the RCMP only ensured the facts were correct, not the movie’s tone.” Read more.

From Alexandra Burroughs of Canwest News Service:

  • Mayerthorpe film revisits tragic story
    “Like other family members, Myrol was invited to take part in an unprecedented collaboration with the creators of the film, which involved reading scripts, visiting the set and previewing the final film. It was an emotionally painful process from all those involved, including writers, filmmakers, producers and family members.” Read more.