In the news: ReGenesis and the 9/11 theory

From Bill Harris in 24 Hours:

  • ReGenesis restarts
    “Here’s a quick primer: ReGenesis stars the excellent Peter Outerbridge as David Sandstrom, a passionate chief scientist at the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission, a fictional organization with a lab in Toronto. David and the NorBAC team deal with biological threats, both natural and man-made, everywhere on the continent.” Read more.

One thought on “In the news: ReGenesis and the 9/11 theory”

  1. Take a look at Charlie Shhen’s video for Barack Obama below:

    We all know 911 was an iside job! It’s as obvious as the nose on your face!
    Al Qaeda is a close as your Government Rep in the USA!
    Much of the administration that was in George Bush’s Government is the same administration as is working in Obama’s Government! The new Government is looking like the old Government!

    Demand a thorough investigation! Don’t leave a singke stone unturned! Use the best honest engineers and lawmen and scientests in the world!
    What Charlie has here are profound questions that have never been answered clearly enough for public understanding and approval of investigation!

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