In the news: jPod cancelled

From Marke Andrews of the Vancouver Sun:

  • Just cancelled: CBC’s jPod
    “The one-hour show, set at a huge video-game corporation, has struggled to find an audience. It debuted on CBC-TV on Tuesday nights but, after disappointing ratings, was moved to Fridays — traditionally a terrible night to draw an audience. Moving from Friday to Tuesday was the hockey series MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives. About 150 jPod cast and crew members are out of a job.” Read more.


jPod Podsters (counter clock-wise) Steph Song as Bree, David Kopp as Ethan Jarleswski, Emilie Ullerup as Kaitlin, Ben Ayres as Cowboy, Torrance Coombs as John Doe.


24 thoughts on “In the news: jPod cancelled”

  1. So does “cancelled” in this case mean “pulled from the schedule immediately” or “we’ll air the remaining episodes and then that’s it”?

  2. I believe it means they’ll air what they have, but there definitely will be no season two. I could be wrong about this, but I believe they have to air any completed episodes for which they’ve received funding from government agencies.

  3. I thought jPod was brilliant writing and just hitting its stride – every episode was better than the one before. Funny and irreverent. It’s such a shame it’s cancelled.

  4. That’s a shame, I really liked jpod, too. But the article is wrong, jpod was moved in CBC’s effort to try to get more viewers for MVP (which no one was watching after two weeks), not because it was struggling

  5. Well, they were both struggling. On Tuesday nights, JPod went from 472,000 for its premiere to 250,000 for the second episode, before being banished. If it had been doing well, there’s no way it would have ended up in the Friday night wasteland.

  6. That sucks. Really liked it. Please bring it back. Kam Fong, please get your “people” to post this message 16,000, 000 times and maybe we can make this the most popular show on CBC. Its the first show I’ve regularily watched on CBC ever.

  7. Leave it to CBC to frack it up when they got something good going. Finally was a great new program that was interesting to watch, never new what was going to happen next and even kept my ADHD brother sitting still for the first time. Way to go….. loosers.

  8. I think the series was never meant to be a multi-season show. There’s a Star article ( about CBC’s new shows and it states the show is a ’13-part series’. I was wondering about the series, actually, because the TV show matches the book so closely (plot-wise) and they are already running out of book material. Not that I don’t think the TV show should go longer. Imagine Mr Coupland writing infinitely? Sigh. In my dreams. Maybe we can petition.

  9. I can’t belive how stupid the CBC is. jpod was the only one of these hip new shows worth watching

  10. Where else can you see Dwight the Turtle get stabbed in the eye with a syringe. Off centre and off kilter, this show is quirky and the characters grow on you if you let them (Kam Fong was becoming a personal favourite). I hardly ever watch CBC and now I have one less reason to do so.

  11. Unbelievable. This was a great little start-up show about corporate computer software programmers. Do they still “find an audience” the old school ways? I loved this show and download every episode online since I don’t have a PVR, VCR or watch crap TV. Do I count as a bigtime fan in the rating’s statistics?

  12. Season finale ends with Ethan’s girlfriend in a coma…do I smell another series???

  13. I live in the UK and JPod is just showing here. There has been NOOOO advertising whatsoever and I only stumbled across it by chance.
    What a great show and what a nice break from all these ridiculous reality shows and such going around.
    Please bring it back. How will I know what happens to Kaitlin and the rest of the gang???

  14. I discovered Jpod running on cable at the ridiculous time slot of 4.00am here in Australia and was hooked from the get go! Please make season 2….finally a brilliantly written witty show and it gets axed after series 1??? i just dont get it!

  15. Please bring JPod back. I only discovered it after being given the book to read, and now I’m hooked! JPod was on of TV’s best in a long time, brilliantly written and witty to a TEE! I need to know what happens to Kaitlin and the others!

  16. I´ve just seen the entire serie in two days now! Also red the book <3 But why, oh why isnt there a second seson! WE NEED IT!!! Kam Fong ftw!!!

  17. I really loved this show since it first came out. I was crushed when I heard it was cancelled. I signed to the petition to no avail.

    I’ve rediscovered it once more, and still sad. Though I did not know that there was a book, I will have to check it out.

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