In the news: Terminal City reviews

From Nancy Dewolf Smith of the Wall Street Journal:

  • Perfect No More
    Are we ready for a television series about a woman with breast cancer? The Canadian import Terminal City (Thursdays, 9-10 p.m. on the Sundance channel) is a chance to find out. The series takes the edge off its daunting theme by playing as a black comedy about television fame in the face of adversity… or something like that. But be warned: Although Terminal City can be mesmerizingly good — and even funny — it has a kick on it like a mule. If you let yourself get dragged in, don’t complain about the consequences.” Read more.

From Matthew Gilbert of the Boston Globe:

  • ‘Terminal City’ takes risks with cancer, family, and fame
    “From midair, a golf ball soars down onto the fat belly of a man dozing on an air mattress in a swimming pool. Another wayward golf ball smashes into a picnic table. In the 10-episode series “Terminal City,” these tiny suburban disruptions are fallout from Katie Sampson’s diagnosis. Upon learning she has breast cancer, the mother of three has taken to her backyard to thwack a few angry shots into the ether. Clutching her club, her pigtails perversely tight, she looks like a demented golf pro.” Read more.

From Time Out New York:

  • Terminal City
    “The well-traveled Maria del Mar (she’s had brief runs on 24 and JAG and has starred in a number of Canadian series) delivers a searing performance as a housewife with breast cancer in this ten-week miniseries from Canada, with a tone that strongly recalls Six Feet Under.” Read more.

From the Chicago Tribune:

  • Amazing ‘Terminal City’ makes light of reality TV, but not cancer
    ” The writers of the great drama series “Terminal City” must feel the same way about reality TV shows that many viewers do: What won’t they do? If you feel that way about reality shows—or you just enjoy good drama that can make you laugh too—you need to check out this Canadian series imported by Sundance Channel and premiering at 8 p.m. Thursday. It blew me away.” Read more.