2 thoughts on “In the news: Intelligence too close to home?”

  1. I am so disappointed and annoyed with CBC for dropping “Intelligence”.
    It was the best series made in Canada for decades. Those of us who happened to catch it were totally hooked into this very realistic series. I say, ‘happened to catch it’, as there was NO advertising. I often wondered why there was no advertising for this series. There has been advertising for all the other Canadian made shows even the ones which really aren’t that good. Unfortunately I missed the last episode of, “Intelligence”, on CBC television so I am totally in the dark.

    I started watching, “Intelligence”, on Show Case thinking I could catch up with what i missed. Well, I have just moments ago turned ShowCase off in disgust as they are now re-showng the original pilot instead of continuing on with the (sadly) last of the series . I just hope that I can find the series on DVD to at least watch the last episode. I wonder if there is any hope of changing their decision with a petition?

    It is really sad that we, the taxpayer/viewer of CBC programs really have no say. Even CBC radio is going full tilt into the toilet with all these new programs that are meant to apeal to new listeners. What’s going on?? CBC is driving away all the regular viewers/listeners. I lived in Europe for all of the 80s and I missed CBC most of all. Please stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

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