In Production: Reality Obsessed, TVTropolis

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donaldtrumpConsidered the world’s foremost reality-TV expert, 27-year-old Toronto native Murtz Jaffer (right, with Donald Trump) created a website debunking the myths around the major reality-TV programs. Using a unique combination of guts and gusto, Jaffer recruited reality stars to write articles for him and turned his love for the genre into a full-fledged journalistic career as his one-man Internet project now receives over one-million unique visitors per month. Peace Point Entertainment Group has captured his mass enthusiasm in a groundbreaking series about being Reality Obsessed, premiering on Canada’s TVtropolis this fall.

Production has just begun in Los Angeles on 13 x :30 episodes that will wrap up by July and include shooting locations across the United States and Canada. This is Peace Point’s second commission by TVtropolis following FANatical, a 26-part documentary series on the most passionate of TV fans that debuted in 2007 and is still currently airing on TVtropolis and E! (Canada).

Producer/Director is aniel Oron, an award-winning film and television director and a long-time collaborator with Peace Point Entertainment Group on such series as FANatical, Tanlines and Outhouse.

“Reality Obsessed is an innovative new series celebrating and dissecting one of TV’s biggest genres of the last decade: reality television, which is now an international phenomenon,” says Peace Point Entertainment Group President and Executive Producer Les Tomlin. “Each episode of Reality Obsessed has Jaffer on the hunt for answers to a particular ‘big picture’ question in the realm of ‘reality.’ He’s the reality-TV geek in all of us and his mission in life is to find out all that is reality television, going to any length to reveal its inner-workings and intricacies—and we, the viewers, get to ride co-pilot.”

Reality Obsessed follows Jaffer fully immersed in the chase. He tracks down interviews with celebrities, producers, agents, studio executives, and his fellow obsessed fans to get his story. Across 13 quirky, entertaining episodes, viewers will find Jaffer investigating how producers cast ‘monsters’ and villains; if a hot tub is the magic ingredient for romance; and what happens after the contestants’ 15 minutes of fame are up!


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  1. When TVTropolis was still Prime I know my parents watched it a lot because of all the old sitcoms on it, and I know a lot of the over 40 crowd watched it. I heard the lot of angry over 40 adults who complained when it changed to TVTropolis and slowly all those old sitcoms vanished. I don’t know anyone who watched TVTropolis, other than 90210 episodes.

    I hate reality TV so I hop TVTropolis fails. HOnestly.

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