In the news: Trojan Horse

From Bill Harris of Sun Media:

  • trojan2Trojan Horse sees Canada vote to join U.S.
    ” Canada votes to join the United States. The maple leaf comes down, the stars-and-stripes goes up, and Canada is redrawn into a half-dozen states. Far-fetched? Canadian Paul Gross isn’t necessarily an advocate of such an occurrence. But with international borders becoming less relevant in the 21st century, Gross doesn’t mind stimulating the conversation in the dramatic setting of The Trojan Horse.” Read more.

From Gayle MacDonald of the Globe and Mail:

  • Gross, point blank
    “In CBC Television’s upcoming political thriller, The Trojan Horse, Gross mirthfully takes on the absurdities of politics – and the people who thrive in that bizarre milieu. And it’s clear from the ribald flashes in this issues-oriented script that Gross had a blast creating a four-hour miniseries that envisions Canada becoming part of the United States and his character, Tom McLaughlin (a former prime minister) takes over as America’s president.” Read more.

From Michael Roberds of the Surrey Now:

  • Trojan Horse carries top talent
    “Like last month’s The Englishmen’s Boy, the CBC is producing top quality entertainment that has the look and feel of a U.S. production (this is a compliment) that should keep the masses happy, while never losing the subject matter or top-drawer talent that help hold on to its Canadian content credits.” Read more.

From Carole Gordon of Eclipse Magazine:

  • The Trojan Horse: A uniquely Canadian political thriller
    “In 2004, during the last US Presidential election, Canadian broadcaster CBC aired “H2O”, an edgy, well-written and compelling drama about the sale of water to an increasingly thirsty USA, which ended shockingly with the annexation of Canada by its neighbour. Having attracted an array of awards, including the 2005 Monte Carlo TV Festival award for best actor in a mini-series for Paul Gross, who stars as Tom McLaughlin, the last Prime Minister of Canada, a sequel was always on the cards.” Read more.

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:

  • Paul Gross returns to CBC with political thriller
    “There’s the public Paul Gross, known to countless Canadian TV viewers as Const. Benton Fraser from the hit ’90s TV show Due South, and to others as temperamental stage actor Geoffrey Tennant in the multi Gemini Award-winning Slings & Arrows. And then there’s the side of Gross few viewers see – the writer, the dream weaver who sits at home and creates fictional characters out of the ether.” Read more.

From Joshua Ostroff of Eye Weekly:

  • Past Due South
    “Co-written, exec-produced and starring former TV mountie Paul Gross — Due South, Slings & Arrows — Trojan Horse is a sequel to H20, his “set five minutes in the future” political thriller which introduced the character of Tom McLaughlin. After the assassination of McLaughlin’s prime-minister pop, the son is sworn in as Canada’s new leader and proceeds to sell our precious water resources to the well-armed but drought-stricken south. Read more.

From Lee-Anne Goodman of the Canadian Press:


One thought on “In the news: Trojan Horse”

  1. What a gripping nail biting series televised over two weeks makes one think long and hard of where we as Canadians hold a fragile balance in the world’s future! Paul Gross and the cast are to be highly commended to make these concerns real and make us all think what would happen…?

    When I reflect on this in today’s world it still makes me realize how much as Canadians we have to do our part in the world to protect our fresh water and other natural resources. So rejoice in our sameness and respect our differences as we share the same sky and look for brighter and more harmony among all our peoples.

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