In the news: Analysing Intelligence’s cancellation

From Kevin Baker of the National Post:

  • Did the CBC get spooked?
    “There’s a theory afloat that CBC Television cancelled the unusually good drama Intelligence in fear of upsetting Canada’s New Government, which is thought to be slavering for an excuse to junk the nation’s public broadcaster and sell off the parts. According to this theory, expounded in the Toronto Star, one story arc of Intelligence showed secret dealings to sell Canadian water to the United States in an unfavourable light. Thus, the plot implicitly criticized the government’s secret dealings, under cover of the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership. Loopy? Bonkers? Stark raving? Yes, but wait: The truth is even more fantastic. The CBC was forced to drop Intelligence because of me.” Read more.



4 thoughts on “In the news: Analysing Intelligence’s cancellation”

  1. I cannot believe that the C.B.C. is dumb enough to cancel the best program ever aired on their lusterless, boring, uptight network.

    Intelligence was the only show that was exciting, intelligent and aimed at viewers with brains enough to follow its plot.

    I hope that another network within our viewing range will pick up this excellant series.

    How dare the idiots at C.B.C. leave us hanging with Jimmy shot multiple times. We need to see the rest of this series.

    Please keep us posted as to wher we can view it.

    A pox on our government for the narrow minded twits that they are making such a huge fuss over a FICTIONAL drama series.

    I have boycoytted the C.B.C. as of this moment.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

    Judith Anne

    Richmond Hill, Ontario

  2. Judith Anne:
    First off, let me say that I was seriously pissed when the news came that Intelligence had been cancelled – even though I had figured the writing was on the wall for several months – the ratings just weren’t that big. I think there are several reasons for that – none of which have to do w/ the quality of the show.
    But…”You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Flinging insults at CBC only serves to alienate people & when you alienate someone they tend not to hear anything you have to say – even the constructive things.
    At the end of the day, CBC has limited $$$ to license shows & they are naturally going to want to get the biggest bang (audience-wise) for their buck. No matter how wrong-headed I think the decision to cancel Intelligence was, I understand why they made the decision.
    I realize that this is not a CBC forum, but I’m sure that people from CBC do read this, so I’m attaching a link that I think should required reading for anyone before they address the cancellation of a favourite show.


  3. Of course Intelligence was cancelled. It was the only thing worth watching on CBC. No one there has any balls these days. The current government will only be around for a short time, the CBC should have the guts to choose a programming schedule not dictated by a way too conservative government! Especially when it’s a minority!!! Idiots I say!!!

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