Upcoming series: Stuck, May 14, W Network

From a media release:


  • New Canadian Series Premiering Wednesday, May 14 at 9:30 p.m. Follows Seven Women Who Strive to Get Healthy, Happy and “Unstuck”

hi stuck 02W Network, Canada’s #1 specialty channel for women, presents Stuck, a new 13-part docu-soap that follows the journey of seven diverse women who come together to achieve what they could not alone: regained confidence and energy through a health and weight loss program, and the ability to enjoy their lives without reservation or hesitation. Produced by 52 Media Inc. in association with W Network, this inspiring series premieres Wednesday, May 14 at 9:30 p.m.

For some the biggest hurdle is just showing up, while others are facing more severe consequences including heart disease and depression. Using each other for support, they wrestle with their bad food habits, take on years of procrastination and try to balance their new fitness regimen with their families, careers and social lives.

With the help of fitness trainers, dieticians and each other, the women learn to open up, even in the most self-conscious environment – the gym. In the first episode, premiering Wednesday, May 14 at 9:30 p.m. (r) 11 p.m., the group journey begins as the women come together over a healthy meal and share their personal histories and the results of their first fitness assessment.

One woman is shocked to discover her weight now exceeds her husband’s, and another weeps as she pleads with the group to understand that physical appearance is just a “shell”. The series reminds us what can happen, when the body – both physically and emotionally – takes a backseat to work, family and everyday life obligations.

Stuck is a weekly dose of inspiration for both the seven women involved and viewers at home. The series features: Nicole, 28, a former athlete and aspiring actress; Magnolia, 36, a mother of two who has struggled with her weight since childhood; Maxine, 41, a working mom who feels guilty taking time for herself; Clarice, 52, an older mother with two grown children who has withdrawn from friends as her weight increased; Tracy, 39, a master procrastinator suffering from high blood pressure; Mary, 33, an over-indulger who has used food to deal with the loss of her brother; and Bonnie, 40, a self-proclaimed “gym loser”, who is suffering from diabetes and needs to get off the couch and into a healthy lifestyle now.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming series: Stuck, May 14, W Network”

  1. Honestly, this show is appalling. It makes women looks like sloppy, incompetent idiots, shows next to no helpful intervention, and just follows them as they fail.

    From a creative standpoint, it looks staged at the best of times and haphazard at the worst.

    It’s embarrassing that W continues to crank out programming that looks this bad even as it’s access to funding continus to grow.

  2. Are you kidding me?! Stuck is the most honest look at real women struggling with weight and life that has ever been on TV! Maybe you’re just so used to seeing the other “reality” type shows that often stage their events, that you can’t actually see true reality when it happens. I don’t for a second believe that the scenarios are artificial. It’s appalling that you would insult this inspiring group of women who have so gracefully allowed us viewers an honest glance into their lives. These women are not perfect – and that’s what makes this such a great show. For ONCE, we are seeing what truly happens when you attempt to make changes (weight, careers, etc.) in life. Kudos to the creators of the show and the folks at W for bringing it to us. Finally – women know they’re not alone!

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