Superstar Hair Challenge II premieres Tuesday, May 6 at 9pm ET/PT on Slice

From a media release:

Twelve Stylists. Eleven Tough Cuts. One Superstar.


Ready. Set. Snip! With the popular adage, ‘you’re only as good as your last haircut,’ hair has come to define our personalities. Showcasing the best in Canadian hairstyling talent, Sliceâ„¢ presents the second season of the Canadian original series Superstar Hair Challenge. This series follows 12 hopefuls as they cut, colour, weave and style their way to the top, in the hopes of being declared the winner of Superstar Hair Challenge. Host, judge, and international celebrity hairstylist Marc Anthony is joined by veteran stylist Robert Gage at the judging table beginning Tuesday, May 6 at 9pm ET/PT. The last stylist left standing will win a highly coveted chair at a Marc Anthony salon and become a part of Anthony’s team.

“The first season of Superstar Hair Challenge introduced Canada to some of the country’s top hair stylists among whom was winner Jason Lee, current Creative Director at the Marc Anthony Salon,” says Celebrity Hairstylist, Marc Anthony. “Hosting and judging the second season has been an honour. The competitors, challenges and level of talent this season truly surpassed my expectations.”

After an extensive coast-to-coast search, 12 stylists were selected to compete in a series of thirteen challenges designed to weed out the divas and pretenders, and push each contender beyond the limits of conventional hair styling to their true ‘superstar’ potential. Each episode features two challenges to test the stylists’ imagination, execution, character and grace under pressure. From transforming models into a showcase of avant-garde fashion on a $40 budget to giving stylists a 20 minute time limit to creating a magical wedding look for eight brides, these contestants must prove that they’ve got what it takes to rise to the challenge and come out on top.

Meet the twelve stylists selected for Superstar Hair Challenge II:

o Manu Beltran, 26, Toronto, ON.
o Fabio Cedrone, 30, Toronto, ON.
o Karen Wallington, 30, Toronto, ON.
o Sharon Arsenault, 36, Pickering, ON.
o Ceilidh Costello, 19, Vancouver, BC.
o Anthony Crossfield, 42, Vancouver, BC.
o Ross Kwan, 20, Vancouver, BC.
o Dave Arter, 26, Victoria, BC.
o Kelli Chan, 34, Burnaby, BC.
o Bryan Dubinsky, 41, Nanaimo, BC.
o Jason Mellor, 33, Calgary, AB.
o Eden Richard, 22, Bedford, NS.


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